Tacito Direct

I created direct mail pieces for Tacito Direct, a direct mail marketing agency. I designed for car dealerships in the southwestern region of the US.




Genesis Women’s


Working for the Genesis Women’s Shelter, I designed print collateral for internal and external events, including: event signs, retractable banners, newsletters, invites, postcards, infographics, logos and flyers.

Outdoor Signage

End of the year Tribute Cards

Conference on Crimes Against Women (CCAW)

Conference on Crimes Against Women (CCAW), part of Genesis, is a national forum on all forms of crimes against women including domestic violence, human trafficking, sexual assault and strangulation. I created brochures logos, postcards and large format conference print materials.


CCAW Preliminary Brochure

CCAW ConferenceProgram

Mary Kay Conference

I created large format stage prints for Mary Kay conference. I created graphics for light gobos and created flower/plant designs that were produced into large 3D cutouts.

Gloss Magazine

I created, designed, art directed and wrote articles for Gloss Magazine, a monthly women’s lifestyle magazine. I conducted interviews and contacted various businesses to set up ad space. I edited magazine articles, re-touched photos and set up the magazine for print production.



Exhibitor Slicks