I am a writer telling stories in the age of pictures. A natural born story teller who got my start in journalism and evolved my love of communication into graphic design. I design and create written and visual content for websites, internal communications, print graphics, motion graphics and video.

I am fluent in Adobe Premiere, After Effects, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and have experience working in HTML/CSS, motion graphics and video. I work in digital animation and large format printing for shows, events and marketing and have experience shooting and directing interviews, B-roll, & interviewing subjects.

I am a quick study and have learned new software and design techniques in every job I’ve worked with persistent aptitude. I have Keynote and Powerpoint experience in marketing, company branding and for large scale events.

I have a love of communication and have worked in every medium to clearly express and articulate an indelible message. I can work independently and follow direction with astute understanding. Problem solving is my best quality and I have never met a challenge I could not overcome.

I am a constant seeker of new ideas and conversation to strengthen my craft as a writer and a designer. I use every tool, every digital and print medium in my toolbox to tell a story.



Web Design


Print Layout Design

Email Design

Copy Writing


Motion Graphics


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