Brown Palace Hotel

The Brown Palace hotel in Denver, CO hosted an event with a 50's theme. I set up three videos, two outboard screens that played clips from 50's dinner movies and a main screen that I animated in After Effects which had the ability to play videos of 50s songs, chosen by the party guests. The example shown here has Hank Williams, but ant video could be pip'ed into the main video screen. When videos we not being played, the main screen played animations of party guests whose faces were swapped with 50s personalities as well as 50s expressions rotated on the diner chalkboard. I use Photoshop to merge the face of the guest and animated the face photos with After Effects.

The main 20ft x 11.5ft middle screen begins by lighting up the neon diner sign (the "77" sign was the age of the guest if honor, I created the sign as well as the animation) and is then followed by the illumination if the table jukes which in turn lead to the diner video screen lowering. Music videos were them pip'ed into the drop down screen.

Clipped videos from various 50's diner movies, for example "American Graffiti" were stitched together for an "outside the diner" effect. 

The static widescreen version rotated merged faces on the wall photo and chalkboard sayings on the middle 20ft screen when guests of  were speaking or outside music was playing.